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Aimee Elizabeth
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Poverty Sucks!
How to Become a
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Poverty Sucks!
How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Poverty Sucks!   How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Best Selling Author Status
2/29/2012 at 11am Live Radio Interview at Nationally Syndicated AM 560 KLZ
3/11/2012 Radio Interview on 99.1 Talk Radio, Reno, Nevada
3/28/2012 Article “Should Kids Do Chores in Exchange for an Allowance?” for “A Mom Entrepreneur” Ezine
3/29/2012 Interview with shoestringventure.com
Article in US New & World Report
2/9/2012 Article “Hiring a Contractor Requires a Process” for “Giggia.com”
4/10/2012 Article "Can Being a Great Mom Have a Profound Effect on Someone Else's Kid?" for "A Mom Entrepreneur" Ezine
3/30/2012 Article on FOX BUSINESS, for “Renting to Retirement: Six Factors to Consider”
4/15/2012 Article on Life2PointOh, for “The Best Career Advice I Received Was...”
4/15/2012 Article on FOX BUSINESS, for “Renting to Retirement: Six Factors to Consider.”
4/17/2012 Article on "The Buffet Rule Is Dead; Which Side Did You Support?" for "teenbusinessforum"
4/18/2012 Article on "Leadership: Effective Leadership Tips" for "carolroth.com"
4/19/2012 Article on "What's Your Opinion Of The War On Woman?" for "In My Head"
4/23/2012 Article “Should I Self-Publish or Get a Book Deal?” for Business Unplugged – "carolroth.com"
5/1/2012 Article “Answer Yes When Creating Your Job” for “PocketGreens.com”
5/4/2012 Article "I Started a Business With My Best Friend and It Killed Our Relationship" for "thegrindstone.com"
5/7/2012 Interview on www.BusinessInfoGuide.com with Stephanie Chandler
5/8/2012 Interview  “The Choices We Make: Careers and the Kid-Free Woman” by Womenetics
5/9/2012 Article “Low Rates Frustrate Savers” on Bankrate.com
5/10/2012 Article “Why Did You Start Your Business” on Hearpreneur
6/3/2012 Interview with "Seekers Journey" on YouTube
6/11/2012 Article "10 Ways to Save on Moving Costs"on AOL Real Estate
6/13/2012 Article "I Have to Work with My Ex Everyday"on the Grindstone.com
6/17/2012 Article "Work Lessons from Dad" on ziprecrouter.com
6/22/2012 Article “What This Woman Really Wants in a Relationship” on antoinettecabral.com
6/25/2012 Article “Did You Write a Business Plan?  Why or Why Not?” on CeoBlogNation.com
7/5/12 Interview with Will Lane on Dream Chaser Show
7/19/2012 Interview on Unlock Your Wealth Radio with Heather Wagenhals
7/23/2012 Interview on How to Mind Your Business with Marsha Walker & Jim Eastwood
7/30/2012 Interview on Inspire Me Today with Gail Lynne Goodwin

8/13/2012 Interview of Aimee Elizabeth on Wealth Boomerang with Jeremy Britton

8/13/2012 Article on Poverty Advocate Aimee Elizabeth is Todays Honoree!

8/17/2012 Article Section "Success vs. Happiness" in HARD WORK in 5 Easy Steaps by Jack Busch 

8/29/2012 YouTube Video: Aimee Elizabeth, author of Poverty Sucks! Promotes StreetTeens.org 

8/29/2012 Interview on The Attitude Shift Show with Donna M. Butler and Shiobhan Shaw  

9/2/2012 YouTube Video: Aimee Elizabeth, author of Poverty Sucks! Explains why Obama Sucks!

8/28/2012 Interview on MotivationalSpeakers.com with Mark Sullivan

Video on Nasdaq.com “You’ve Got Aimee Elizabeth”

9/2012 Article “Can You Balance More Than One Business” on American Express Open Forum

9/2012 Video of Aimee Elizabeth Promoting Nevada Charity for Homeless Teens on Global Oneness

Article by Zac Johnson - Business Lessons from Living on the Streets

Video by AOL Huffington Post "You've Got Aimee Elizabeth"

Article on InsuranceQuotes.com by John Egan

"Runaway Teens" Discussion Panel Featuring Aimee Elizabeth on Huffington Post

"Hard Work in 5 Easy Steps" Article for Primer Magazine

Reno Women's Examiner on Aimee Elizabeth

Pocket Greens Article "Make a Friend, Make a Sale"


Article by businessinsider.com with John Egan

10/22/2012 Huffington Post Discussion Panel: Vote Like a Boss

Finding Your Supreme Power Interview - Self-Made Millionaire (Former Troubled Teens) Speaks Out

CreditCardSelect.com Article - Financial Literacy Surge Could Speed Up Economic Recovery

TheGrindstone.com Article on 3 Successful Female Entrepreneurs Say Do What I Did - Drop Out of College!

Examiner.com Article: 59 Ways for College Students to Make Extra Money

Biggest Business Regrets Article on CarolRoth.com

Even if You Don’t Have Bootstraps – Business Fuel Podcast with Ty Kiisel

The Michael Dresser Show, CRN Digital Talk Radio

Beforeitsnews.com – 7 Ways to Keep Your Nosy Freeloading Friends Out of Your Wallet!

PatrickWiscombe.com Interview – The Swelled Head Mentality

Theglobeandmail.com – What Not To Tell a Client – Even If You’re Dying to!

www.newshour24.com – Small Business Workers Can Blame Their Bosses for Missing Out on Health Care

Business Insider – Small Business Health Care Mistakes

Housing & Economy: Out of Sync" by Mark Leiberman of DS News Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Interview on Kern Radio Newstalk 1180 AM with Jeff Lemucchi

Marketing Talk w/ Aimee Elizabeth by Smart Marketing for Small Business

Byron White of Life Tips Radio with Aimee Elizabeth

Aimee Elizabeth as Guest Speaker on Price of Business Radio Show with Kevin Price 11/21/12

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CEOBlogNation.com – Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Explain How They Maintain Balance

Article for GoBankingRates.com: Will Downsizing a Home Actually Result in Any Savings?

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Barbara Dooley Radio Show 1340WGAU.com

Examiner.com article by Kathryn J. Williams on Aimee Elizabeth (part one)

Kathryn J. Williams article on Aimee Elizabeth (part two)

DERRICK Interview with Aimee Elizabeth

Las Vegas Review Journal Article by Doug Elfman – Will Millionaire Find Reality Show Match?

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CarolRoth.com Blog – Expert Advice for New Entrepreneurs

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Interview on Exit This Way w/ Kerri Salls, Part 1

Interview on Exit This Way w/ Kerri Salls, Part 2

Interview on Exit This Way w/ Kerri Salls, Part 3

Interview w/Dan Kesterson of the Talon Variety Show, KSWM & Boomer Radio

Interview w/ Rod Precise of the Son, Brother, Husband, Father Show

Pursue Your Dreams Interview with Michael Austin Jacobs

Woman’s Way to Wealth Interview with Cassie Hicks

Best of Investing Interview: Segment 1

Best of Investing Interview: Segment 4

Book Journeys Interview with Aimee Elizabeth by Angela Lauria

Aimee Elizabeth meets Congressman Joe Heck at Las Vegas Fundraiser

Aimee Elizabeth meets Senator Rand Paul at Las Vegas Fundraiser

American Hope Talk Radio Interview with host WL Laney

Interview with Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live

Aimee Elizabeth, Press Release

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